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I take a vow that I’ll not differentiate against anyone with any form of disability; that I’ll change my attitude and behaviour to respect diverse abilities around me. I understand that disability is a part of human diversity and will strive to create opportunities for better life for people with disability around me.

I take a Vow to Live Inclusive

What it means to Live Inclusive? (Inclusive Living) Structuring collaborative living practices, public infrastructure, educational and professional opportunities, social relationships and economic opportunities so that people of all ability levels, with and without disabilities, can live and grow together to their best. When you ‘Live Inclusive’ you accept and respect diversity of all kinds, particularly accepting the abilities of people with disability. To know more about living inclusive write to us at

Annual Report

My work at SAMA - Sharmila Pushpakanthan

January 04, 2012

Sama Volunteers

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New german volunteer

October 17, 2011

Sama Volunteers

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