Courage Are Her Eyes, Meet Sama’s Most Beloved Activist

Sudha Rani is a non-stop chatter box but her words have strength and her demeanour has confidence. Born visually impaired Sudha is Sama’s campaigner for rights of people with disability particularly women and children.

If you visit Sama office, you can see Sudha at the front desk ready to welcome you and introduce you to Sama’s work. Dig more and you may get surprised at the ability of this woman who has many more achievements in her kitty and has recently received an award for exceptional achievements on Louis Braille day Day (4 January 2014).

“When I went alone to Ahmedabad to study physiotherapy at Blind People’s Association, my parents cried. People were surprised how a visually impaired person not knowing the language could travel so far alone in train,” Sudha said.

Sudha’s education was sponsored by Madhu Singal, a visually impaired activist who supports girls with visual impairment through her NGO, Mitra Jyoti.

“Your voice is good. You are daring. You’ll not be afraid of others. When you talk people will like you. Madhu ma’m told me this,” shared Sudha.

Sudha has been working with Sama Foundation for 8 years. She worked as a physiotherapist and a home based educator, however these days she’s focusing more on advocacy and campaigning on rights of people with disability.

“Sama’s executive director Ram has been a great motivator and supporter. He created lots of opportunities for me and keeps me encouraged to move ahead and not look back,” she said.

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