Greeting Card Making Workshop with Mothers

Sama Foundation is trying to explore ways to help mothers of children studying at its two Bridge

Education Centres to develop innovative ways of livelihood.

Our aim is to evolve mother-run enterprises which would also fund the Bridge Centres, eventually

helping us to achieve our aim of community-sustained Bridge Education centres for children with


On 15 November 2013, 11 mothers and 2 teachers got together to learn how to make hand-
designed greeting cards at Sama’s Education Resource Centre at Rajajinagar.

Each mothers developed 2 cards. Sama is trying out ways to sustain and develop this endeavour.

We are also looking at other products like terracotta jewellery, fancy-candles, hand-made lifestyle

products and hand-made soaps.

Your suggestions are welcome. We would be delighted to hear from product designers; your help will

go a long way in making our education endeavour for children with disability sustainable.

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