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Education for all

Education for all

This program aims at inclusive education for children with disability. We have been working for many years to develop easier learning methodologies which can cater to diverse learning needs of childre

Rights and Advocacy- Working towards Dignity

Through KARO (Karnataka State Disability Network) we organise rallies, meetings and discussions with members of legislation and stakeholders, to advocate for improved status and services for people wi

Community Mental Health and Development Programme

We run a Community Programme in the villages and slum areas of of the three taluks of Chitradurga district of Karnataka. We work to improve medical services accessible to people with mental illness an

Psycho-social development: Helping Children Bloom

Childhood is possibly the most important part of the entire lifespan of an individual. What happens in childhood and how the child develops will determine the grown up adult’s personality. Several o


One of the most important aspects involving the rehabilitation of people with disability is medical intervention and providing aids and appliances and entitlements. Sama has been since its inception r


Through our program ‘Self-Reliance’ we promote saving groups among people with disability and create livelihood opportunities by self-financing and building livelihood skills and financial literac