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SAMA foundation

 is a voluntary organisation managed by group of people with disability. SAMA Foundation strives to develop a society where "ALL ARE EQUAL". The civil society should be free from hunger; poverty; discrimination and exploitation with a special focus on children with disability.

Donate for “Hope”

If you donate for “Hope” your donation will provide the children of our Home-based education programme with physiotherapy furthermore we will spend your donation on materials for the Day Care Centres so that our children can learn, play and enjoy themselves.

volunteer with us

Since now SAMA Foundation has been working with several volunteers, Indian and foreign volunteers. The experience of living and working with people from different cultural, social and economic background creates mutual understanding and respecting people first as HUMAN BEING, irrespective of anything.

Donate for “Bloom”

Donate for “Bloom”: If you donate for “Bloom” your donation will help children that live in difficult circumstances. We provide these children with a programme called “Psycho-social Care” that was especially developed for children in difficult circumstances and also children with disabilities. These children are often neglected and don’t know how to deal with their problems and with whom to talk about it. SAMA organizes Adventure and Summer Camps for these children to give them a place where there are free from any problems or pressure and can just feel, behave and play like “normal” children.